Stormvisions - Random Flashes of Fun!

Welcome to Stormvisions. view my artist portfolio galleryHere you'll find some tutorials, links and other resources related to whatever strikes me at the moment. In a way this is like my living room closet, open the door and you aren't quite sure what will fall out. I like reading, writing, art and most creative type stuff but don't claim mastery of any.


My Picasa albums contain samples of work, school or 'just for fun' projects. It ain't all sexy but hopefully shows a bit of what I can do.

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Notice: I have some affiliate programs on this site. All are companies I used before I established an affiliate account and continue to use today. So while I may link to them in a blog post or post a banner I do my best to maintain a level of impartiality. We're talking pennies per month right now but I like to be upfront. These are the companies: Lynda, Amazon, Filter Forge, SimplyHired, GOG, BigFishGames and CartoonSmart

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